Track construction is an integral part of the Wiebe Group, it is what makes us great and drives us to top performance.
Wiebe Group is at home in many construction areas – be it track construction, structural engineering or construction engineering.

Our performance range

As a high-performance construction company we want to make a lasting mark at an international and, in particular, a national level based on our professionalism and excellent quality.

This applies without exception to the entire broad-based performance range of the Wiebe Group. We make the most of our high level of expertise in various construction-specific divisions that allows us to lay the foundations for constant growth and successful business – today and also in the future. This also helps us to achieve the goals and standard laid out in our own company philosophy that is valid in all performance areas. Naturally, the same also applies for our ethics guideline.

Track construction

Competent with a great track record – true to this motto, we endeavour to guarantee track construction quality of the very highest order.

Whether nation-wide across the network of Deutsche Bahn AG, in local public transport networks, or in the sector of industrial and non-federally-owned railways our day-to-day work and our goal is the provision of a complete range of construction services carried out to a high level of quality. These services include new construction, renewal and maintenance works for rail track, platforms and points, through to the construction of complete rail transport facilities.

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Machine pool

Large tasks require heavy-duty equipment. The Wiebe Group’s machine pool means enables us to achieve great things even in the face of difficult tasks.

The track and rail networks in Germany and across the world are highly complex systems. The various sensitive parts of the construction and also the far-reaching and constantly growing expansion of the entire infrastructure make careful processing with excellent quality standards essential.

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Track logistics

Meticulous planning and excellent execution – these are the main drivers and a top priority for the Wiebe Group.

In this way we ensure that construction work is performed to a high level and that the track can be used safely after the end of work – regardless of whether the track construction material needs to be supplied to the transhipment station by the manufacturer or whether removed ballast, old sleepers and rails need to be transported to the disposal company.

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Structural engineering

High and harmonious – this is part of the philosophy of the Wiebe Group in all structural engineering projects.

Nowadays, new buildings or even reconstructed buildings need to satisfy state-of-the-art construction-related standards without the final product appearing to be a foreign body in its environment. For this reason, we accompany you and focus on your goals when realising your structural engineering or turnkey construction project – from the consulting and development phase through to operative facility management.

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Construction engineering

Construction competence at every level – for the Wiebe Group, this means professional specialisation in various sectors of the construction industry.

Thanks to our subsidiaries Sächsische Bau GmbH and itg GmbH, we have been able to make a name for ourselves in construction engineering throughout Germany. Both companies deliver high-quality results punctually despite often difficult circumstances. This performance capability is particularly prevalent in construction engineering tasks involving the development of new traffic routes.

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