At home on all railway tracks – true to this motto, the Wiebe Group’s machine pool is very diverse.
Be it track maintenance or a completely new section of track, all our special machines are high-performance.

Our machine pool

Large-scale tasks require heavy-duty equipment. Our machine pool means that the Wiebe Group is in a position to achieve great things even in the face of difficult tasks.

The track and rail networks in Germany and across the world are highly complex systems. The various sensitive parts of the construction and also the far-reaching and constantly growing expansion of the entire infrastructure make careful processing with excellent quality standards essential. To complete this task smoothly, the Wiebe Group relies on state-of-the-art track construction and track maintenance machines. Whether the tasks involve the modernisation of a section of track, track bed cleaning, formation level improvement or track tamping – the Wiebe Group’s machine pool has all the machines required to complete any track construction project together with our qualified employees.

Improvement of the formation level

RPMW 2002-2

This recycling formation level improvement machine delivers high quality results when preparing and processing track beds and ballast material.

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Two-way technology for track-free formation level improvement and track bed replacement


Special machines that can supplement the work trains of the RPM 2002 and RPMW 2002-2 ensure that the material required for formation level improvement and track bed replacement can be transported directly on the track.



MFS 40/4-A-ZW

The material wagon moves independently on tracks and ensures uninterrupted operation.

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MFS 40/4-ZW-B

Automatic pre-selections allow smooth use of this material wagon with an integrated digger.

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Dumper EG70RW

Thanks to its rubber tracks, this dumper can move easily on various surfaces.

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Track bed cleaning



RMW 1500

Three screen systems, each with three screen trays and two excavation chains, are what makes this cleaning machine so powerful.

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RM 801

The fitted star screen allows the RM 801 cleaning machine to clean 800 cubic meters of track bed every hour.

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The cleaning machine, which belongs to the urban railway company in Berlin, works excellently thanks to the moving suction nozzles that can be controlled automatically.

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Track modernisation



14 sleepers a minute whilst also creating an installation formation level – the fast construction machine SUZW-500 stands out thanks to its performance.

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VFW 2001

The fast construction machine VFW 2001 can be used to build remove or modernise tracks either with or without prior or subsequent track bed cleaning.

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Donelli PTH 350

The track laying crane can install up to one kilometre of sleepers in 12 hours. It also loads and transports entire track yokes.

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Tamping work



Tamping Express 09-3X

Be it one or three sleepers at the same time, the Tamping Express 09-3X completes the track tamping work quickly and evenly.

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09-32 4S

In addition to conventional models, large B75 sleepers can also be tamped with this universal track and switch tamping machine.

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09-32 4SY

Thanks to a laser-supported 3-rail lift, even split sleepers can be processed by this very versatile track and switch tamping machine.

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WSM 08-275 3SY

High-performance tamping of switches for all kinds of sleeper – this is the task of the WSM 08-275 3SY.

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WSM 08-275 3S

The tamping work below the switches is carried out with this switch tamping and alignment machine thanks to the 3-rail lift in compliance with the latest guidelines.

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DGS 62 N

The Wiebe Group’s dynamic track stabilizer DGS 62 N uses innovative technology to achieve optimum track bed stability.

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SSP 110 SW

Machines of the SSP 110 SW series are approved for ballast levelling and profiling. The No. 850 is also approved for steep sections.

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EM-SAT 120

For effective maintenance of track systems, this track measuring car delivers all relevant data about the actual condition.

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Loading and unloading systems and transport wagons



This bunker bulk goods wagon can be used as a silo or conveyor wagon.

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The loading station allows materials to be loaded under live cables.

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This loading station can also load materials on track-free surfaces thanks to its crawler chassis.

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ULS-2000 2

This transfer station unloads the BSW either into storage vehicles or onto open terrain.

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Bauart Fcs

The hopper wagon is used to transport bulk goods.

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Bauart Fas

The two-sided compressed air tipper truck transports bulk goods of all kinds.

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Bauart Sps 466

The sleeper transport wagon transports sleepers in all track projects.

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Bauart Res

The flat wagon is primarily used to transport bulk goods.

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OBW 10

The rail construction wagon with a crane transports persons, equipment and material.

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Track construction crane


KRC 810 T

The construction crane lifts loads of up to 90 tonnes –even below overhead lines.

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G1700 BB

The diesel locomotive is approved for medium-heavy freight rail traffic.

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series 211, 212 & 216

These are diesel locomotives for medium-heavy and light freight rail traffic.

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