Almost 32 kilometres of high-quality track construction work was completed between Lauenförde, Bodenfelde and Adelebsen.

A track construction rate of two kilometres a day was achieved using the fast construction machine.

Lauenförde – Bodenfelde

For the region

Lauenförde, Bodenfelde, Adelebsen – the Wiebe Group was involved in extensive maintenance work on the regional section of track between these three communities. Conventional switch modernisation work and various track construction work was carried out on the tracks between June and August 2017.

A total of approx. 32 kilometres of tracks, divided into 5 sections, made up part of the track construction work during which the tracks and also the sleepers were processed. In addition, the work also included the installation of ballast, tamping and welding with tension equalisation.

The track work in detail

  • Client: DB Netz AG, Regionalnetze
  • Order volume of 8 million euros
  • Switch construction work in the railway stations
  • Track construction work on 32 kilometres with the SUZW-500
  • Track bed cleaning work with the RMW 1500
  • Installation of ballast, tamping & welding with tension equalisation

Your contact partner

Thomas Hauptmann
(Head of department track renewel)

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Kai Legenhausen
(Managing Director)

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+49 (0)4202 – 987-100


Even though the three communities are fairly close to each other, it was still important to ensure a smooth interconnection of the people in the region.

As a track construction specialist, it does not matter to us whether the tracks are on long-distance or regional networks: tracks are tracks. And as rail traffic plays a permanent role in moving passengers and freight, delivering high quality project results is an absolute standard. One special aspect here is that our new Tamping Express 09-3X, which we received at the iaf 2017, was used for the first time.


37697 Lauenförde, Deutschland


37139 Adelebsen, Deutschland


37194 Bodenfelde, Deutschland