The universal tamping machine lives up to its name: it can tamp below switches and also tracks with various sleeper types.

Flexibility and quality: The tamping aggregates of the 09-32 4SY can be shifted in a longitudinal direction and the 3-rail lift is laser supported.

09-32 4SY

The universal unit

Be it standard sleepers or Y-sleepers, complicated switch systems or heavily frequented sections of track – thorough tamping of the track system is essential for track stability and therefore an important factor for efficiency.

Thanks to the 3-rail lift and 4-rail tamping process, the universal tamping machine 09-32 4SY guarantees absolute quality below the sleepers; and the longitudinal shift of the tamping aggregates means that this can be ensured for the continuous processing of Y-sleepers. But whatever sleepers are being installed, the tamping results of this machine are always first class.

Total mass in tonnes


Metres/hour tamping output

Great work even when handling segmented sleepers

In particular, segmented sleepers are usually used when switches are longer than 3 metres to keep assembly and transport as simple as possible. For even more flexibility and versatility when working on tracks and switches, the 3-rail lifting unit of the 09-32 4SY is laser supported so that it can also be used for segmented sleepers.

The benefits at a glance

  • Laser supported 3-rail lift
  • Height-alignment laser including a curve laser
  • Proportional-parallel-levelling system
  • Automatic switch programming
  • Additional front compactor
  • Minimum track radius of 190 metres

Technical data

Type of machineUniversal tamping machine
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year2007
Total length over buffers34,74 m
Width3,00 m
Height4,148 m
Mass141 t
Permissible speed in train set100 km/hRun by itself100 km/h


Power567 kW

Your contact partner

Frank Zarbock
(Head of department tamping machines)

Modern switches and various sleeper types present special challenges when servicing tracks – but this is no longer a problem thanks to the 09-32 4SY.

The outer rail of a switch is lifted completely synchronously with the main rail with the modern 3-rail lift equipment, thereby allowing the flexible tamping aggregates to compact the ground below the switch. Thanks to the laser support, the application scope is not restricted when it comes to unusual sleepers, like the Y-sleeper, it can also handle segmented sleepers. One machine, numerous possibilities.

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