BSW-2000 / 6000 / 11000

Strong trio

The bunker-bulk good cars BSW-2000, BSW-6000 and BSW-11000 are used below live catenaries, either as silo cars or transport cars. With respect to the latter, the BSW-2000 reaches an output of 500 cubic metres an hour, the BSW-6000 and BSW-11000 even reach an output of 800 cubic metres.

These cars are also compatible with other construction cars used in track construction projects. This means that all three models can be combined with each other and also with MFS-38, MFS-40 and MFS-100.

Loading volume/BSW-2000

Loading volume/BSW-6000

Loading volume/BSW-11000

Which do you require?

The base of the BSW is designed as a controllable storage ground conveyor with a conveyor width of 1920 millimetres. There is a transfer belt that also has a 1920 millimetre conveyor width at one end of the car. In the transport car, it cannot be swivelled to the side; however the unloading car can be swivelled on both sides by 45 degrees with a maximum swivelling width of 4400 millimetres from the centre of the track. These swivel belts allow flat wagons on the neighbouring track to be loaded in the middles at a distance of up to 4.5 metres for the BSW-2000, and up to 5.5 metres for the BSW-6000 and up to 5 metres for the BSW-11000.

The benefits at a glance

  • Various models for individual use
  • Can be used under live catenaries
  • Can be combined with various other machines
  • Transfer belt in the unloading car can be swivelled
  • Speed of the conveyor belts can be set steplessly
  • Allowed speed of 100 km/h

Technical data

Type of machineMaterial transport- silocarMaterial transport- silocarMaterial transport- silocar
ManufacturerPlasser & TheurerPlasser & TheurerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year199019942002
Total length over buffers19,90 m23 m38 m
with transfer belt 23,55 m26,70 m41,80 m
Width2,89 m2,81 m2,89 m
Max. height4,28 m4,28 m4,05 m
Mass38,5 t54 t114,6 t
Max. loading51,5 t81 t140 t
Loading volume38 m³60 m³110 m³
Unloading time3,5 Min.3,0-4,5 Min.8,0 Min.
Unloading distanceup to 4,50 mbis 5,50 mup to 5,00 m
Smallest ridable radius120 m180 m120 m
Permissible speed in train set100 km/h100 km/h100 km/h
Total amount20 Pcs.16 Pcs.10 Pcs.

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction machines)

Would you like to contract us to carry out track construction work for you with this machine? Or would you like detailed information about our machine pool? Then just contact me!

The Wiebe group gas a broad-based machine pol that allows it to carry out a wide range of track construction projects, be it the construction of new tracks, or the modernisation, removal of maintenance of existing tracks. This ensures that we are equipped to take on any tasks using suitable machines or combinations of machines.

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