Donelli PTH 350

Track installation gantry crane

The track installation gantry crane Donelli PTH 350 by the company Cemafer is designed for installing, picking up, transporting and loading sleepers, track yokes and rails.

If operated for 12 hours in ideal conditions, it can install 1,000 metres of sleepers..

Total mass in tonnes

Lifting capacity in tonnes

Kilometre/hour top speed

2 workers, 1 portal crane, 0 possession of neighbouring tracks

The portal crane is used for installing, picking up, transporting and loading sleepers, track yokes and rails. It has its own powered drive unit and travels on auxiliary rails. These are usually new rails that are used to install the new track. Neighbouring tracks do not need to be possessed during the installation or dismantling of the tracks; however two operators are required for the two gantries. The gauge width of the auxiliary rails that need to be installed must be 3.31 metres. The PTH 350 can be used in radii of at least 250 metres, on slopes of maximum 40 percent and in superelevations of maximum 90 millimetres at a gauge width of 1435 millimetres or a superelevation of the auxiliary rail track of 200 millimetres. Any catenaries will need to be switched off.

The benefits at a glance

  • Handling of wooden sleeper track yokes of 18 m
  • Handling of concrete sleeper yokes of 15 m
  • Handling of 60 wooden, steel or concrete sleepers
  • Handling of 40 B75 or B90 sleepers
  • Neighbouring tracks to not need to be possessed
  • Up to 1 kilometre of sleepers can be installed

Technical data

Type of machineGantry crane
Registration year1993
Total length24 m
Width3,83 m
Height4,42 m
Gantry weight5,5 t
Traverse weight3,8 t
Lifting capacity2 x 9 t
Lifting height3,16 m
Track width assistance track3,31 m
Lifting speed6 m/Min.
Smallest ridable radius250 m
Own speed12 km/h

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction machines)

Be it for the construction of new tracks, the removal of existing tracks or the maintenance of track and switch systems – the Wiebe Group’s machine pool always has the right machine for your project.

The highest technical standards, various mechanical equipment that can cover lots of specific application ranges are what makes of machine pool so special, allowing us to take on any task. Just contact me so we can configure the right machine for your requirements.

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