The track measuring car EM-SAT 120 has several measuring and analysis tools for fast and detailed determination of the detail actual track location.
The comprehensive measuring output reaches an output of 2500 metres an hour in an effective process.

EM-SAT 120

For a transparent track

Without a thorough and targeted preparation, construction projects have a very fragile foundation. The same also applies for the track construction work, which is why the Wiebe Group uses state-of-the-art measuring equipment to analyse tracks – in the shape of a track measurement car EM-SAT 120.

This four-axle machine guarantees efficient and precise work preparation for track preparation. Several measuring points and devices determine the actual track position in a cyclic process. This ensures that the following track work is started precisely where it will have the most effect.

Total mass in tonnes


Metres/hour measuring performance

Comprehensive measuring work

Enormous forces are constantly exerted onto the tracks: Extremely heavy trains are driven in short cycles, and the weather and climate take the material to its limits. Comprehensive measurements of the tracks – from the track geometry through to the track bed profile – are therefore essential for maintenance and renewal work. The track measuring car EM-SAT 120 not only has a track measuring device but also equipment for path measurement, measurement of superelevation and a digital track bed profile measuring system for determining the ballast quantity.

The benefits at a glance

  • Incremental encoder (resolution 1 millimetre) for displacement measurement
  • Precision inclinometer for measuring superelevation
  • Track measurement device
  • Modern Win EM-SAT measuring program
  • Data is transferred via a radio modem to other Wiebe machines
  • Measuring output of up to 2500 metres per hour

Technical data

Type of machineTrack measurement car
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year2003
Total length over buffers16,14 m
Width3,02 m
Height4,275 m
Mass52 t
Permissible speed in train set100 km/hRun by itself120 km/h

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction machines)

Track systems do not just comprise the actual rails themselves; quality factors such as the ballast bed and sleepers play an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of the rail traffic.

For this reason, we at Wiebe Group carefully plan and prepare the improvements of track sections. Using the equipment of the track measuring car EM-SAT 120 we obtain a detailed image of the condition of the track section so that we know precisely what work needs to be done. This is not only expedient, it also helps to carry out the work efficiently.

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