The KRC 810T can be used flexibly in track construction work. The crane can be used below catenaries.

Thanks to the telescope length of 15 metres over buffer, frequent location changes during use are not necessary.

KRC 810T

Construction crane

The construction crane KRC 810T from the company Kirow is highly effective to ensure the success of various track construction projects. It can lift loads of up to 90 tonnes and is therefore an extremely reliable piece of equipment in the Wiebe Group’s machine pool.


Total mass in tonnes


Kilometre/hour top speed

Technical data

Type of machineTrack construction crane
Registration year2000
Length13 mwith equipment cart33 min working position19,50 m
Height4,25 mover SO in working position4,30 m
Mass KRC 810128 tMass equipment cart34,5 t
Line load9,8 t/m
Axles KRC 8108Axles equipment cart4
Smallest ridable radius80 m
Permissible speed in train set120 km/hRun by itself30 km/h
Max. loading capacity90 t
Max. lifting height18 m over SO
Max. wheel load22,5 t in Arbeitsstellung
Max. superelevation160 mm
Telescoping length of cantilever arm15 m before buffer
Lateral throat from centre of the track0 bis 21,50 m
Support width from centre of the track2,80 bis 5,00 m

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction machines)

Would you like to contract us to carry out track construction work for you with this machine? Or would you like detailed information about our machine pool? Then just contact me!

The Wiebe group gas a broad-based machine pol that allows it to carry out a wide range of track construction projects, be it the construction of new tracks, or the modernisation, removal of maintenance of existing tracks. This ensures that we are equipped to take on any tasks using suitable machines or combinations of machines.

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