MFS 40/4-ZW-B

The alternative on a short stretch

Continuous material movement is common when working in and in the track. Using flexible machinery, the Wiebe Group also endeavours to optimise this process to prevent any work gaps, for instance by means of the MFS 40/4-ZW-B, which completely organises the work material. It is used on the track-free construction site area to excavate all the permanent way material. If there is an MFS or a covered wagon with a support block attached in front for the protruding swivel belt, it can be fitted into trains thanks to its carrying bogie.

Total mass in tonnes

Silo volume

Cubic metre/hour conveying capacity

Easy access

The MFS 40/4-ZW-B is able to move material outside the inner-machine work process. Thanks to its two crawler chassis, it can move independently in the construction site area and drive into construction pits. Its excavator that is located near the loading belt allows material to be picked up directly via the loading belt. The material is then transported to the fast-running silo belt by means of the designated automatic switch position.

The benefits at a glance

  • Digger for separate removal of material
  • Carrying bogies means it can be integrated into trains
  • Crawler chassis for driving in construction pits
  • Various automatic pre-selection options
  • Own energy supply unit
  • Minimum track radius of 150 metres

Technical data

Type of machineMaterial conveyor and silo units
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year2009
Length over buffers19,90 mTotal length over buffers23,92 m
Width3,15 m
Height4,60 m
Own mass73 tTotal mass on pivoted bogie73 tTotal mass loaded on crawler128 t
Silo volume25 m³Conveying capacity500 m³/h
Own speed with crawler chassisbis 3 km/hPermissible in train set100 km/h
Smallest ridable track curve150 m

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction)

Today’s machines and cars for moving and storing ballast and cuttings are more than just storage units – they play an important role in ensuring smooth operations when working on tracks.

For instance, the automatic pre-selection options ‘LOAD’ and ‘UNLOAD’ of the MFS 40/4-ZW-B guarantee uninterrupted operations and a constant supply of material. Its ability to drive independently in construction pits and the fact that it can be integrated into the train make it an important piece of equipment for various track construction tasks.

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