The project involved track renewal, track bed work, improvement of the formation level and deep drainage.

Three machines including the RPMW 2002 were used between Weingarten and Karlsruhe Durlach.

Section 4000

Weingarten – Karlsruhe Durlach

Direction and opposite direction

Using our modern fast construction machine SUZW-500 more than eleven kilometres of track was renewed in a conveyor belt procedure. In the same procedure more than ten kilometres of the formation level were improved and also more than two kilometres of track bed were renewed and cleaned by two other machines.

The work between Weingarten and Karlsruhe Durlach involved high-quality deep drainage and railway crossing work. Extensive track construction work like this is no problem for the Wiebe Group.

The track work in detail

  • Client: DB Netz AG, Region South
  • 11,300 metres track renewal in a conveyor belt procedure
  • Improvement of 4,940 metres of a formation level in a conveyor belt procedure
  • Replacement and cleaning of the track bed along the track section
  • Deep drainage
  • Use of SUZW-500, RPMW 2002 & RPM RS 900

Your contact partners

Thomas Hauptmann
(Head of department track renewal)

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+49 (0)4202 – 987-100


Kai Legenhausen
(Managing Director)

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+49 (0)4202 – 987-100


Be it 2 or 20 kilometres – the main focus of any track construction work is to guarantee absolute quality as quickly as possible.

As one of the leading track construction companies in Europe, we have set ourselves the goal of fulfilling any task. Ultimately, today’s modern rail operations make it imperative to make the best use of track possessions to ensure that normal operations can be resumed as quickly as possible. Like all other previous track construction projects, we also managed this on the section between Weingarten and Karlsruhe Durlach. All the work was completed between August and September using three machines to keep track interruptions as low as possible.


88250 Weingarten, Deutschland

Karlsruhe Durlach

Durlach, Karlsruhe, Deutschland