Thanks to there screen systems, each with three screen trays, the RMW 1500 ensures excellent quality when cleaning the track bed.

Two high-performance excavation chains move the track bed material. A section of 700 metres is completed within an hour.

RMW 1500

The big one

Tracks and railway networks ate important passenger and freight transportation routes. The necessary infrastructure is being continuously expanded, and rail traffic is steadily growing. Thorough and efficient track bed cleaning is essential to ensure the safety and serviceability of the track systems.

The Wiebe Group meets this challenge with the high-performance cleaning machine RMW 1500. Thanks to its three screen systems, it is one of the most powerful track cleaning machines. The RMW 1500 – a clean thing within the Wiebe Group’s machine pool.

Total mass in tonnes


Excavation chains

Three screen systems each with three screen trays

Cubic metre/hour track bed cleaning

Metre/hour propulsion

More than just clean

To ensure the highest quality of the final track result, the ballast bed cleaning machine RMW 1500 is placed onto an integrated DGS to stabilise the track system. Also, the machine is guided using the target geometry data by means of a integrated ALC.

The benefits at a glance

  • High-performance cleaning machine
  • Better utilization of track possessions
  • Material is only transported on the construction track
  • No impairment of neighbouring tracks
  • Three screen systems for excellent cleaning quality
  • New ballast can be installed when the track bed is completely excavated

Technical data

Type of machineBallast bed cleaning machine
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year2005
Total length over buffers108,11 mWith repair- and equipment wagons150,11 m
Width3,10 m
Height4,40 mWith modification onto G1-profile4,31 m
Mass451 tWith repair- and equipment wagons501 t
Axles22Powered of those10
Permissible speed in train set100 km/hRun by itself20 km/h


Ballast bed cleaningup to 1500 m³/h
Total excavation (gravel & ground)up to 1000 m³/hand ballast bed cleaningup to 500 m³/h
Drive through width (in transporting position)min. 3,10 m
Clearing chain hight250 mm small chain350 mm big chain
Clearing chain widthmin. 4,05 mmax. 5,50 m
Clearing chain depthup to 1,10 m under SO
Change of gradientfrom -500 mm to +100 mm to SOK
Required space on pressure side0,55 m small chain0,75 m big chain
Required space on blank side0,55 m small chain0,70 m big chain
Swivelling capabilities of the track+/- 200 mm
Laying down to superelevation160 mm
Max. incline of the formation level1:20
Chipping conveyor length before buffer3,60 m
Chipping conveyor loading into nearby trackbis 6 m track distance
Clearance between chipping conveyor and SO3,50 m (Loading before head)
Smallest ridable radius (Track bed cleaning/total excavation)200 mat transport160 m

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction)

A soiled track bed can pose a substantial risk for smooth rail operation and can impact on the efficiency of a track system.

High maintenance costs and expensive interruption of the rail traffic are the consequences. We use the track bed cleaning machine RMW 1500 to counter this. There are few cleaning machines that combine thoroughness and speed so well. Its results are impressive: 1500 cubic metres of track bed are cleaned and 700 m of track are covered in an hour.


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