Extensive track and civil engineering work including formation level work on a track covering more than 25 kilometres between Buchloe and Lake Constance.

Using modern modernisation and installation machines efficiently to archive a high-quality and sustainable result.

Track renewal Buchloe – Kaufbeuren

Civil engineering and track modernisation

Extensive formation level work was carried out on the section 5362 Buchloe – Lindau main station between April and September 2009. The work was performed using the formation level improvement machine RPMW 2002. At the same time, the tracks were also modernised mechanically in a conveyor belt procedure using the modernisation vehicle VFW 2001. The conventional track modernisation work covered a four kilometre section which included the installation of different formation level protection layers and renewal of the track bed.

Deep drainage work was also carried out in the civil engineering segment. The interplay of all these tasks ensures smooth rail operations on this section of track and the mobility of the people in this region.

The track work in detail

  • Client: DB Netz AG, Region SouthClient
  • Installation of a formation level along a distance of 34,072 metres
  • Mechanical track modernisation in a conveyor belt procedure
  • 4,166 metres of conventional track modernisation
  • Renewal of track beds
  • 26,000 metres excavation work: deep drainage

Work concept

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machines and installation equipment, the track construction work and the installation of the formation level was completed quickly.

This was necessary to keep interruptions of regular rail operations on the track to a minimum and also to keep the durability of the track system permanently high. With respect to the latter, extensive deep drainage work was also completed to guarantee the stability of the tracks in all terrain.

Construction vehicles used:

RPMW 2002

The formation level improvement machine RPMW 2002 allows full restoration which involves the separate removal of contaminated ballast beds up to a thickness of approx. 350 millimetres followed by the preparation of bed material and ballast recycling within the machine and also the renewal of the subgrade level layer up to a thickness of 500 millimetres. The machine is equipped with two excavation chains. The ballast and soil is removed and processed separately to prevent mixing of the materials.

To improve material reuse, the Wiebe Group also has a RPMW 2002-2 with an integrated high-pressure washing system.

VFW 2001

The construction train VFW 2001 allows track extension, restoration and removal work of up to 350 metres an hour to be completed.

Your contact partner

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Kai Legenhausen
(Managing director)

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Due to the length of the section, it was important to work purposefully and efficiently so that the regular use of the track could be resumed as quickly as possible.

At all speeds, however, our greatest concern is always the quality of the construction measures, as it is a decisive factor for the customer’s security guarantee – in this case Deutsche Bahn – against its customers. Thanks to our special emergency vehicles, we succeeded in reconciling these demands with optimum time management. A train trip to Lake Constance is now no longer in the way.

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