Lifting specialist

As special track-lifters, the thirteen universal installation machines (UWG) for switches and tracks by the company Cemafer carry out the restamping work and also deliver wooden and concrete sleepers. The machines handle the welded switches in one piece. It needs one and a half hours for each track yoke.

Total mass in tonnes

Axles (per lifter)

Kilometre/hour top speed

Technical data

Type of machineSpecial track-lifters for switches and tracks
Registration year1981 und 1985
Total length over buffers2,53 m2,22 m (1985)
Width2,94 m2,95 m (1985)
Height with roof3,10 m3,10 m (1985)
Number of lifters13
Axles (per lifter)2powered of those1
Lifting capacity (per lifter)16 t
Total mass260 t
Total length150 m
Lifting height
1,30 m
Drive through width2,70 m
Permissible speed in train set90 km/h
Run by itself20 km/h


TypeDiesel engine

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track construction machines)

Thanks to the thirteen universal installation machines, we can carry out restamping and delivery work with no problems.

This is because the wooden and concrete sleepers are welded and can be handled in one piece, which means that we are able to install large-curve pre-mounted switches and switch parts with concrete sleepers. Just contact me if you want any more information about the equipment and how it is used in practice.

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Weitere Maschinen

RPMW 2002-2

This recycling formation level improvement machine delivers high quality results when preparing and processing track beds and ballast material.

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14 sleepers a minute whilst also creating an installation formation level – the fast construction machine SUZW-500 stands out thanks to its performance.

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VFW 2001

The fast construction machine VFW 2001 can be used to build remove or modernise tracks either with or without prior or subsequent track bed cleaning.

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WSM 08-275 3SY

High-performance tamping of switches for all kinds of sleeper – this is the task of the WSM 08-275 3SY.

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