The VFW 2001 can be used to install different types of rails and sleeper either with or without track bed cleaning.
The machine can remove old rails and install new rails at the same time at a rate of ten sleepers a minute.

VFW 2001

Absolute beginner

VFW stands for the ‘Wiebe conveyor procedure’ which clearly explains how the fast construction machine VFW 2001 from the company Wiebe carries out track construction work efficiently; albeit without precise specifications.

Be it track construction with or without forward or subsequent track bed cleaning, the installation of new track or the removal of old tracks, the Wiebe Group uses the high-performance multifunctional VFW 2001 for maintenance and modernisation of track systems with various sleeper and rail forms.

Total mass in tonnes


Kilometre/hour top speed

Number of sleepers/minute

Number of sleepers/minute track extension

Number of sleepers/minute track removal

Great care is taken with old and new material

To prevent tension in the old rails, they are cut immediately into loading lengths of 120 or 180 metres behind the construction train after they have been removed. They can also be cut into lengths of less than 60 metres if this is necessary due to tight radii or S-curves. The VFW 2001 can also be controlled by a height laser when threading in the new rails. In track construction work with subsequent track bed cleaning, the clearing depth is set so that the ballast is cleared up to the lower edge of the old sleeper.

The benefits at the glance

  • Simultaneous removal of old rails and the installation of new rails
  • Track construction with forward or subsequent track bed cleaning
  • Up to 10 sleepers a minute
  • Various rails and sleeper forms can be processed
  • Avoidance of tension in the old rails
  • Can be used for the installation of new tracks or the removal of old tracks

Technical data

Type of machineRemoves and installs different types of rails
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year1996
Total length over buffers79,34 mwith SEW, KESW, repair- and equipment wagons116,99 m
Width3,29 m
Height4,65 m
Mass348,1 t
Axles15powered of those2 + crawler chassis
Permissible speed in train set100 km/hRun by itself20 km/h


Planable output at track construction8 sleeper/min. or 280 m/hTrack construction9 sleepers/min. or 320 m/hTrack removal10 sleepers/min. or 360 m/h
Track construction possiblewith preparatory track bed cleaningwith subsequent track bed cleaningwithout track bed cleaningonly track constructiononly track removal
Possible tracksUIC 60R65S54S49
Possible sleepers
(Removal up to 2,72 m length)
Possible sleepers
(Integration up to 2,62 m lenght)
Drive through width3,20 m
Min. working radius250 m
Max. superelevation150 mm
Max. longitudinal gradient25 ‰
Swivelling capabilities of the track100 mm

Your contact partner

Jakob Laukert
(Head of department track machines)

No two track construction projects are identical due to the variety of sleeper and rail types and also the way the track is processed.

Luckily, this makes no difference to the fast construction machine VFW 2001, thereby allowing us to carry out new construction, track removal or track renewal work on any kind of conventional tracks; either with or without forward or subsequent track bed cleaning, as required. This is the power of the all-rounder VFW 2001.

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