The WSM 08-275 3SY can be used to tamp high-speed switches and switches with tight radii.
Even tracks and switches on Y-sleepers are no problem for this high-performance switch tamping-aligning machine.

WSM 08-275 3SY

Weighty in performance

The expansion of the railway infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with a steady increase in the number of intersections with installed switches. Increasingly heavy elements need to be installed to ensure that these points on the railway networks can withstand the high loads exerted by freight and passenger traffic.

The linear meter weight on high-speed lines or those with tight radii is particularly large, which means that optimal tamping below switches is essential – a task that the high-performance tamping-alignment machine WSM 08-275 3SY masters to perfection. This also applies e for small radii, as the high loads are absorbed by the stability of the switches.

Total mass in tonnes


Broom box

Kilometre/hour top speed

Metres/hour tamping output cross sleeper track

Metres/hour tamping output Y-sleeper

For all switches from A to Y

Thanks to this machine the Wiebe Group can ensure synchronous tamping and compaction of switches on all kinds of sleepers: the high-performance switch tamping alignment machine WSM 08-275 3SY allows material-friendly and high-quality 3-rail lifting tamping even on tracks and switches with Y-sleepers.

The benefits at a glance

  • Combined lifting-alignment aggregate
  • Automatic switch programming
  • Combined height-alignment laser
  • Automatic master computer
  • 8-channel Servorgor writer
  • Can also be used in minimal track radii of 150 metres

Technical data

Type of machineSwitch- tamping-aligning machine
ManufacturerPlasser & Theurer
Registration year2002
Total length over buffers33,49 m
Width3,08 m
Height3,43 m
Mass93 t
Permissible speed in train set100 km/hRun by itself100 km/h


TypeBF M8 1015 C
Power370 kW

Your contact partner

Frank Zarbock
(Head of department tamping machines)

Tamping the subgrade below switches is a one of the special challenges in track construction work due to the split track structure; however, thanks to the WSM 08-275 3SY we are able to deliver absolute quality in this field.

The Group has two special machines, both of which with 3-rail lift systems, that allow us to lift and tamp below any kind of sleeper, even Y-sleepers. In combination with various other systems and equipment used for measuring and individual adjustment excellent tamping results can be achieved.

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